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After a few years of buying and restoring arcade games, I was ready for something else. I had volunteered to work in Atlanta at the 2015 Southern Fried Gameroom Expo. And while helping as a tech, I realized that I knew nothing about pinball machines, not even how to open one. So I resolved to find a way to learn about them.

I was working at a Body Shop in Montgomery, Alabama and noticed that they had an older EM Pinball Machine upstairs. It was a Jacks Open and it needed restoring. A lot of dirt, grime, broken parts, and of course it wasn’t working. So I told them I would restore it for them if they bought the parts. Then I spent the next few weeks learning and restoring. After that I was hooked and my pinball obsession took off.

I was never satisfied with problems. If any of my machines did not work 100% I would not rest until they were fixed. This led to many long days and sleepless nights. But as a result of my penchant for perfection, my games always sold at a premium. 

I have linked to a few of my pinball restores, pickups and projects above. Please look them over and tell me what you think.

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