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Bally Pool Sharks diverter

I just got a Bally Pool Sharks and it was missing almost all of the diverter. It had the coil and switch attached to the metal assembly. It also had one of the diverter guide rods. So I needed to find or make a lot of parts.

First off the guide rod. As seen circled in the first pic. Now interestingly enough it is the exact same material as a shooter rod. So what I did was measure and cut the shooter rod the same length as the other guide rod. Then I beveled the edge a bit as the original was. Then I drilled and tapped the other end and found the same type of bolt as the original. Voila, a guide rod was made.

Next, I needed some parts. First the up-post plunger rod assembly. Fortunately, it is sold by Action Pinball:

I also needed the Flat cam actuator that goes on the back to hold the diverter locked. It is sold by Pinball Spare Parts or Pinball Wizard:

You might also need the spring that holds the flat cam to the assembly body. Or the spring for the coil. Or the nylon bushing for the actuator arm to go through. They are sold by Marco with the following part #’s

Next up I needed to make a diverter plastic. All I had was a few Internet pics and a few pics from a friend. So with trial and error, I made it myself on SolidWorks:

And then it was 3D printed and assembled. I used 100% infill for strength. I originally used Abs but found PLA had less shrinkage and would be more pliable and less prone to cracking. There are variances in printing and mechs so you might have to use a round file and make the holes a bit bigger on one side or another. Also, you will need to drill a small hole for the screw that holds the plastic to the plunger rod.

Just waiting on the flat cam to get here and I can get the game fully working.

The files are linked to below. I hope this might help anyone else that needs it.

DXF file:

STL File:

PDF File:

X3G File

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