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Gottlieb Amazing SpiderMan

Hailrazer finally gets his first “REAL” Pinball! Gottlieb 1980 Amazing Spiderman

Yes! I finally have my first REAL pinball. Yes it’s a slightly older one , but I love it 

I was getting ready to go out Thursday night and my CL search app went off. There it was, a 1980 Gottlieb Amazing Spiderman Pinball! The seller said it was in excellent condition and about 90% working. He included lots of pics and it did look really good.

But crap! There was no way I could go get it or even get in touch with the guy. I was going to be in cell phone blackout country for the next 3-4 hours. And it was over 3 1/2 hours away in Alabama.

So I fired off a quick email to my good friend NewSherrifInTown on the forums here. I sent him a link and a quick joking “Hey, could you get this for me?” Then I headed out and thought no more of it.
A few minutes later he responded that he left the guy a message. Well I thought, it’s probably gone already then. 2 hours later he texted that I should let him have it, and then that the CL add was deleted. Oh well, guess it’s sold!

Now 2 hours after that he texted “Your friend got it and he’s going to have a hard time parting with it” I assumed he meant a guy in Birmingham we know that gets everything. I respond with a question or two, and then he hits me with “I PayPal him the money and I’m picking it up Saturday” Me, being the gracious gentleman I am respond “Well at least you got it and not a flipper”

Then he hits me with it. He got it for me AND he’s going to pick it up for me! And he does! Saturday he goes out of his way to drive several hours and get it for me!

What a guy! Wesley (NewSherrifInTown) has got to be one of the best guys around. I can’t say enough about the time and effort he will put into doing something for people in this hobby and for his friends.

So here she is. The game is in excellent condition cosmetically.

Now for the best part. I got it for $300

What was done to it: 

  • New Driver board
  • Power Supply rebuilt
  • Sound Board rebuilt
  • New connectors throughout
  • Led’s throughout
  • Shopped with new rubbers

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