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23 Pins, 2 Arcade Games, 2 Dart Boards Pickup!

Got a call from a good friend and collector of arcade video games and pins NewSheriffInTown. While talking he mentioned he had just received a text from a friend about a Facebook ad for some pins. He shot me the link. 25-28 pins for $450 each.

Well, I noticed that we had a mutual friend on Facebook. A guy I eat lunch with almost every day at a small local restaurant. So I called him up and asked if he knew the lady very well. He said that they had worked in the Sheriff’s office together for over 20 years. He said he would give her a call and get her to call me.

20 minutes later she called. Turns out her dad was an operator in the ’70s and ’80s. He passed recently and she had a lot of his stuff in an old house. Well, people were breaking into the house and stealing stuff, so she removed it all and put it in a container that night.

I asked if I could come and take a look. She agreed, so I drove the 45 minutes there. The games were stacked and packed. It was impossible to see the condition or even the name of the games. After talking with her and her husband I really didn’t even want to make an offer. I knew they would need a lot of work and I knew someone else would offer a bit more. And I had found out she was asking for $10k

But she told me just to shoot an offer and she wouldn’t be mad. I gave her a low but fair offer and she accepted! Last night my friend and I picked them up.

23 pins in different stages of wear. Some decent some not so much. The 2 vids are generic nothings. The 2 dartboards are scorpions.

Here is a partial list I found when we went through and cleaned them up and offered them for sale:


  • 1976 Bally Freedom : $250
  • 1977 Williams Rancho : $250
  • 1973 Williams OxO : $250
  • 1975 Gottlieb Soccer : $300
  • 1975 Bally Bow and Arrow : $300
  • 1976 Williams Blue Chip : $300
  • 1975 Williams Toledo : $300
  • 1976 Gottlieb Royal Flush : $400

Solid States:

  • 1978 Williams Lucky Seven : $550 (Complete in very good condition overall, nice backglass)
  • 1978 Williams Disco Fever : $450 (Complete, mostly working. Good backglass. Cabinet is starting to de-laminate)
  • 1978 Williams World Cup : $350 (Complete, good condition, decent backglass)
  • 1978 Williams World Cup : $350 (Complete, good condition, backglass just starting to strees)
  • 1978 Williams World Cup : $275 (Boards Missing, backglass flaking)
  • 1977 Bally Eight Ball – $350 (Decent cab, playfield. No boards, no backglass)
  • 1977 Bally Eight Ball – $350 (Decent cab, playfield. No boards, no backglass)
  • 1977 Stern Pinball – $350 (No Boards, backglass and cab decent, playfield starting to plank)

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