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Freddy : Nightmare on Elm Street Pinball Playfield fix

A friend of mine got a Freddy : Nightmare on Elm Street pin on a trade last year. But it had a blown out playfield.

As far as options are for a Freddy pin……..well there’s not any. No Repro Playfields, no hardtops, no overlays.

So I had to do it myself.

First off, strip the playfield:







Then scan it. I used a HP 4670. After scanning and stitching the software this is the result. As you can see the image needed a lot of work.

So I went to work with Photoshop. I probably spent a good 70-80 hours to get to this:

I then had to sand down and clearcoat the Playfield. Had a body shop clearcoat it. Then I sanded it with 600, 800, 1200, 1500, and 200 grit sandpaper. Then I high speed buffed it :

After that I had the overlay printed. Then I installed it on the playfield :

And here it is after most of the re-assembly and with a Playfield Protector installed :

Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself 

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  1. Damour

    Hi, i’m french
    Sorry about my english language.

    I have a freddy nightmare but my playfield is very bad.

    Do you sold the overlay’s playfield file?

    Thanks 🙏

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