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Stern Stars Pinball Pickup and Repair

Just finished up getting a Stern Stars up and running. It was my pick from the 23 pin pickup Wesley and I recently went on.

Lots of work. Battery corrosion all over the Mpu and Lamp Driver board. Took almost 12 total hours to repair it all. Backglass needed sealing and touch up. Playfield needed cleaning and waxing and touch up. Etc, etc.

I also wanted to add a Playfield Protector. But they did not make any for Stars. So what to do? Well, of course, make my own!

First buy the plastic :

Then I used transparency sheets to make a template.

amazon.com link »

You lay them on the playfield. Use a marker to mark where they need to be trimmed. Cut them with scissors and when happy with the fit , lay them on the playfield and tape them together.

Then trace the template onto the plastic.

Cut it out with scissors, spade drill bits, and an exacto knife.

Install and enjoy.