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I Hate Safety Measures! – Dr. Who Pinball Restore

I finally had time to restore my Dr. Who pinball.

I got this in September for $1500. It was not working. This is what it looked like :

I had to rebuild the WPC board, rebuild the DMD driver board, and re-pin all the power connectors.

Then I had to rebuild the mini-playfield. New pop bumpers. Tore it down and put in a new rubber kit.

I also added Leds. I got a repro Time Expander cover and decal. I bought a Tardis USB port, modded it, and replaced the existing Tardis.

I also installed mirror blades.

Then I played it until this weekend.

Now on to the restore………………….

Friday morning I woke up bright and early and stripped the cab down….

Boy I sure hope it goes back together again.

Then I sanded down the cab and bondoed a couple of places. Then I laminated the cab and backbox.

Next, I installed the sideart using the wet method. I trimmed the side art with a razor and a straight edge 1/16″ from the edges so there would be nothing to grab and peel off.

I also installed new side rails.

I powder coated the coin door and hinges. I painted all the bolts. And I painted the coin door as it was in excellent condition.

And this is how it turned out:



I added a ColorDmd. And i backlit the Speaker Panel. 

And I put on my topper with the mod to make it move 

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