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Yukon XL Car PC

It was in 2007 I bought my first new car, a 2007 Suburban.

I hated the stock radio. At first, I just added a DVD-Screen Radio. But I still wasn’t happy with that.

So I decided to install a custom screen and PC.

It was a bit complicated. I had to get a small PC. Then I had to get a power supply and modify it to work with a 12v car battery.

Then I found a high definition 10″ screen from China. I installed that in the dash.

As you can see it was awesome. It had XM Radio and you could see what was playing on 12 channels at once. I still miss that.

I also installed a Blu-Ray/Hd-Dvd player in the armrest along with a custom trackpad and mouse.


Then I added screens to the headrests for the backseat passengers.

And of course bass in the back 🙂

I really miss that car. It’s still my favorite car ever!

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