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Star Wars Arcade Deluxe Pickup

I know this is either a “Love it!” or “Hate it!” game. But I had to have it 

Saw it on CL for $800. Offered $500 and settled on $575. Most I’ve ever paid for a game, but well worth it to me.

4 hours later it was mine.

The screen needs calibrating and of course no remote 

 So I am hunting down the Toshiba Remote for it. Also the pink lights are gone so I am buying some lights and colored covers for them

Overall it is in excellent shape. I might have to go with a LCD replacement if I can’t track down a remote and/or replacement crt’s.

Anywho here it is :



I could not get the projection screen to look good, so I ended up taking it out and installing a 48″ Lcd. 

I also replaced the rear pink lamps and cleaned it up.


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