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Space Invaders Pickup

I got a CL hit last night about 1AM. Ignored it but looked at 7:30 this morning. It was a Space Invaders for $150. It looked in good condition from the pics. I texted the seller. They responded 2 hours later saying I was the first to respond and could have it.

Headed up (2 hour drive) in the Acadia (it was raining so no truck) about 2PM with the wife.

Got there at 4:00. This place was a $500,000 house in a very nice neighborhood. The couple was moving and just needed it gone quick. It was downstairs but me and their teenage son got it out of the basement and in the Acadia no prob.

Headed home and here it is:


It has some splitting on the bottom from moving it. The coin counter reads 88,000.

It has some slight wobble on the screen but goes away when warmed up (cap kit).

The CP is in decent condition and the coin door also (needs a $.25 cover).

I think I’ll bond the bottom back together, put on some casters (all missing), cap it , fix the coin door and nothing else. This is a player and shall stay that way I think.

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