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Reproduction Donkey Kong Control Panel

I am restoring a Donkey Kong and like many others my Control Panel was trashed. So seeing that no members were making these anymore and having a CNC machine I decided to make my own.

I drew it up in SolidWorks based on the original. Holes were verified with a NOS overlay.

I am no longer offering these made out of plywood. The wood is just to cheap. It warps, it has knot holes, it has voids. So I have decided to reproduce these in Black Melamine. This allows me to make sure the board is always flat, I no longer have broken edges from voids and I can maintain a constant level of success.

Here’s how it looks:


Here she is in all her glory. (Shown populated for reference only, panels sold will not be populated)

Repro plexi overlay
Repro instruction card
Repro buttons/button assemblies/button switches
Repro Dk controller
Repro joystick assembly mount
Repro strike set
Repro cp bolts


And how it looks on my not yet restored Donkey Kong 

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