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Pickup: To the Moon Alice! Hailrazer gets a Moon Patrol

I was bored Monday night and was searching for Arcade Machines on the LetGo App.

Found a Moon Patrol about an hour away in Imabastard, Al…………..oops that is Alabaster,AL

The guy said he was moving back to West Virginia and needed to get rid of a few games. He also had a non-working Big Buck Hunter in a Showcase cab, a 200-in-1 in a 19″ Dynamo cab, and a Rock ‘N Bowl.

I told him I’d take the Moon Patrol. But it was raining and could I pick it up tomorrow. He said no problem and he marked the games as Sold.

I headed up Tuesday afternoon and picked it up. He lived in a very nice area and he was a nice guy. He helped me load it and off I went.

The game is in absolutely awesome condition. Needed some cleaning up , but she is definitely a keeper.

Oh and I paid $125 for it 




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