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LetGo pickup: Centipede

I found a Centipede on LetGo a couple of weeks ago. It was playing blind and seemed to be in not that great condition.

The seller agreed to sell it to me, but it took almost 3 weeks to get together finally. I picked it up tonight. The seller wasn’t even there! He left it outside the garage and told me to put the money under the flower pot. Strange but I did it.

The cab is in poor condition. I might be able to save it I might not. But all is not lost. It’s playing blind and seems to be complete.

All original except for a Happ Vision Pro monitor. See the nice outlet box added for it 

The bezel and marquee seem to be in excellent condition.

And I got it for $75. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

I’ll probably salvage as much of the cab as possible, but it’s going to need a lot of new wood.

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