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Hailrazer and NewSheriffInTown warehouse raid #2

So Wesley (NewSherrifInTown) has told me stories of an operator that he’s known a long time. He has bought games from him before and he has known him for a long time. The operator had gotten up in age (mid 80’s) and Wesley thought we should pay him a visit.

Well as life does, it moved on and we kept putting it off. Fast forward to May and Wesley finally decides to give him a call and see if we can check out his stuff. Well, Wesley had misplaced his number. So he tried to Google it and wouldn’t you know it, the first thing that popped up was the Obituaries. Yep, the poor fella had passed.

Wesley is a guy who doesn’t accept failure and decided to hunt down who got the Estate. Come to find out he had a friend who knew. A couple of phone calls later and we were invited to come on down and look around.

Tuesday evening we head down and start looking around. Lots of Jukeboxes, pool tables, etc. Not many games. But lots and lots of parts and pieces.

So watch the video to see what happenedĀ 

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