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CL Pickup – I landed on the Moon and needed a Lunar Rescue

I texted a guy on CL 4 weeks ago. He had a Lunar Rescue for sale for $400. I noticed he had re-listed it quite a few times. I offered $200 for it and was ignored.

Fast forward to Monday. He asked was I still interested. I sad yes not knowing of the 14 game fun that I was about to embark on. I told him I could pick it up Friday.

Friday comes and I tell my wife I am going to pick up a game an hour away. She looks at the 14 games still on the trailer and sighs, then offers to go with me. What a woman!!!!

We get up to the house, it’s quite nice. The guy comes out. Apparently his uncle has had the machine since 1979. Bought it from an Amusement company on the New Jersey Boardwalk. The machine is original and in excellent condition. Needs a capkit. WooHoo!!!

Here it is :

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