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The Bucky O'Hare Project

While at the 2014 Southern Fried Gameroom Expo I met a very interesting person, Jon Davies. He was really into Konami Arcade Games, in fact he had bought a Bucky O’Hare pcb from TnT Amusement’s Todd Tuckey and he wanted to re-create the original artwork and cabinet to bring to SFGE. 

Well at the end of 2016 he finally got all the artwork printed and he got to work on the cabinet. But by April 2018 he still wasn’t finished. And we had been hearing about this project coming to SFGE for over 4 YEARS now!

So my friend Wesley and I decided to help out. Wesley went to Atlanta and picked up Jon and the cabinet VERY early one morning and headed 3 hours to my house. And we all got to work on it. By 9pm we were done. 

Had to cut off the bottom of the cab and make a new piece. 

Then we laminated the cab and the control panel. And we painted the black sections. 

Then it was on to artwork.

By 9pm it was done!

And it made it to the 2018 SFGE!

And won Best In Show and another award that Wesley and I thought most appropriate!

It was one of my happiest moments, helping a friend realize his dream!

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