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My latest pickup! Pin pickup but wait Dig a little deeper and what did I find?

My latest pickup.
Got a text late Sunday night from a friend about a post on Facebook for a Doctor Who Pin for $1600. It was located near Mobile, Alabama. It was listed as in decent condition but non-working. The post phrased it as if it would need a driver board and a DMD controller board.

I sent a text to the poster and said I would be willing to buy it for $1500 if I could pick it up sometime during the week. Didn’t expect a reply.
Well, she responded late that night saying that was fine and even said it was mine and nobody else had a shot at it until after Tuesday night. Wouldn’t even make a deposit. I was worried it would be sold out from under me.

Well, Tuesday I sent a text saying I needed an address to pick it up that night. She immediately responded with it and that evening I headed down. Turns out she and her husband go to the SFGE every year and are on KLOV and Pinside. He even works on car lots like me, he does paintwork.

I check out the Dr. Who and it’s in better condition than I thought it would be. Even had the boards, they just needed repair. Then the guy mentions that he has a DIG DUG in the back of his Suv that he was on his way to sell to someone but they flaked out. The cab had been restored, new artwork and cp overlay were still in the shipping tube and the marquee, coin door, and bezel were in great shape. And it had 2 “almost” working boards. I could have it all for $200 more!

Needless to say, I loaded it all up and headed back home!

I got the boards fixed in Dr. Who, and fixed the time expander, it’s now working 100%. I ordered artwork and am going to restore it. And I put the artwork on the Dig Dug and re-assembled it and got the board working.

Here are some pics:





I eventually restored it to a Dig-Dug again!



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