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The Nintendo Sky Skipper Project

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A good friend of mine, Whitney Roberts set out on a mission to re-create a lost game from Nintendo, Sky Skipper. It was a long process but he eventually got to the point where he was ready to put together a reproduction cabinet for the discovered game to go in. I happened to be listening to his podcast, Brokentoken Classic Arcade & Pinball Podcast, and noticed he seemed to be a little lost on how he was going to do the restore. So I offered my help, flew to his home and we got to work.

Here is the “donor” cabinet:

We had to sand it down and fix all the cracks, holes and blemishes. We then painted all the black areas. We then laminated the cab. 

Here’s how she looked before the artwork:

That was the extent of my help. Afterwards Whitney installed the artwork and electronics and brought SkySkipper to the 2017 SFGE:

And here you can see the back of my wife and my heads 🙂

Whitney later gave me a commemorative Louisville Slugger Bat with the Sky Skipper Project engraved on it: