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Sega Super Hang-On Pickup

Got home from work at 5:00 and saw a CL add for a Sega Super HangOn for $75.

Emailed the seller and he replied that someone was coming to buy it. :(

So I took a shower and put it out of my mind. Got out of the shower to an email from the seller saying to call him. I called him up and he said I could have it as the other buyer backed out.

I hopped in the Truck at 7:30 and had it loaded up by 8:45. A very nice man with a nice Man Cave basement. He also had a Multi Williams pre-made little cabaret in brand new condition for $350 that I passed on. He said he had told 2 buyers no on the phone because they sounded shady. When I called he said I sounded honest so he gave me dibs :)

So I got it home and it works perfect ! Needs some love but nothing beats a working machine for $75 :D