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CL pickup : Super Mario, Primal Rage in Joust cab, Operation Thunderbolt

I have a wanted add on CL. Put it up about 1 month ago. I’ve had a few responses that weren’t really all that bad but not what I wanted. They were mostly for games in good condition for average/kinda high prices.

Tuesday I got an email from a guy with 3 games he wanted to get rid of. A Super Mario Bros, Primal Rage, and Operation Thunderbolt. Nothing too exciting but enough to pique my interest. I asked how much he was looking for. He responded with $1000 and sent pics of the first 2.

I thought that would be the end of the matter since no way was I spending $1000 on those 3.
I sent back a polite response that the most I could spend was $400. He responded that he would think about it.

Now the pics were interesting. The Super Mario Bros was in a DK Jr orange cab. The Primal Rage was in a Joust cab, and Operation Thunderbolt was trashed.

So I sent another response that I could offer $300 for the first 2 but wasn’t interested in Operation Thunderbolt. He then offered all 3 to me for $300 but I had to take the Thunderbolt. I picked them up Friday.


So let’s ponder these. First the Super Mario Bros :


As you can see it has a Super Mario Bros Vs in it. It’s working perfectly except for a slight squish on the monitor, which you’ll see why later.

The cab is in decent condition, but the bottom needs a new base and the bottom 2″ will need to be repaired. The coin doors will need some parts. I will need a DKJR board, control panel, artwork, marquee, overlay etc. The buyer found some of the original harness which is cool.

The monitor has a lot of DKJR burn, but I have a replacement thanks to NewSherriffInTown :D

And it looks like the chassis will need a new flyback. LOL


The original vs panel has a hodgepodge of buttons and a very interesting dust cover :}


And what an interesting place to put a speaker:


This one will be a DKJR again soon though.

Next up is a Primal Rage:

It’s working perfectly.

This cab is actually in pretty darn good condition. Wood barely needs anything done to it. It had laminate on both sides. One side peeled off.


It has been Jamma-tized and not very well. Original power supply is in it but not used.

It has a Besttech 19″ monitor in it that looks brand new.

The control panel will need some work but it’s not to bad.

And here’s something interesting. I take it that this speaker grill is not factory?


This will be restored to a Joust with a JRok board set only to boot to Joust. I’ll do Black laminate on the sides, stencil with paint and yellow t-molding.

And last and definitely least is the Operation Thunderbolt.

It is in not bad condition other than all artwork peeled off :


It has a 27″ Hanatreks monitor which is not working.

It was filled with mouse droppings and piss, which dripped on the pcb and ruined it. All socketed chips were corroded terribly and most legs broke off when removed.


Needless to say this one is not worth saving. It is a $100 game tops. The boards are impossible to find working and to expensive to fix. And who knows what else is ruined by all that mouse piss.

This one is being donated to the burn pile I think.