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A Quick And Simple DIY Powder Coat Spray Booth

Well I’ve been spraying my powder coat in a large plastic storage bin. That isn’t the best way to do it. So I looked into building my own spray booth just for powder coating. I looked at maybe building one out of wood and laminate or maybe pvc. Then I got to thinking that it would be easier to modify something already mostly ready.

So I went to Lowes and found this:


I then added a 20×20 air filter holder, air filter and a 20″ box fan for filtration.

I then added a shelf and laminated it and screwed it in.

Then i added wheels for easy maneuverability.

Put a brass pipe in to hang the parts and I’m ready to go.


It’s the perfect size for doing arcade parts. It’s light and easy to move. And less than $200 for the entire build.