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Hailrazer and NewSheriffInTown go on a raid…of sorts.

My good ole buddy NewSheriffInTown on the forums called me up last week and said he had a lead on some games. Did I want in? Well heck yeah, of course, I did!

So here’s the scoop. Apparently, he has a friend who has a friend who has a friend, well you get the point. Anyway one of the friends has some games in a semi-trailer and his basement for sale. The guy got them from his dad who used to have a game room and was trying to get rid of some stuff.

I head down to Alabama Sunday morning and meet Wesley and Chuck at a gas station outside of a small town. The “friend” shows up to lead us to the location.

After multiple turns and back roads, we get to the perfect location to store some bodies………….. I mean to store some video games. 
Is that banjo music I hear playing?

We look around there a while, it was disappointing. But we find out the guy’s dad has more games elsewhere. Well, off we go like 3 old men looking for video games!

We get to an old Gameroom and find a few things worth taking home. We left with 31 games.

We wound up offering the guy $1500 for all of them. He wasn’t thrilled with the offer and said he would think about it. So we upped the offer to $75 a game. He still wouldn’t take it.
So we shot the breeze and talked about the good ole days. Finally, the guy said, “I tell you what, give me $2,000 and it’s yours.” We couldn’t get the money out fast enough 

Watch the video for more. And yes I know I am not a professional videographer